This webquest investigates the actions of several brave men.  They dared the unknown and set out across the ocean, each with different motives and obstacles.  Through this webquest, you will research these six explorers and answer three essential questions:  1.  What were the reasons each explorer set out into the unknown?   2.  What were the obstacles each explorer faced?  and 3.  What were the accomplishments of each explorer?


After you have done your research, you’ll create a PowerPoint presentation displaying what you have learned.  You’ll make 7 slides (1 for each explorer and 1 title).  Each ‘explorer’ slide should have the name of your explorer, a picture of the explorer and a paragraph summary answering your three essential questions.  Your title slide should include your name and the name of your presentation.  Click here to see an example of an ‘explorer’ slide. 

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An Age of Exploration

European Explorers

  1. -John Cabot

  2. -Vasco Nunez Balboa

  3. -Juan Ponce de Leon

  4. -Christopher Columbus

  5. -Henry Hudson

  6. -Jacques Cartier