Constructive Forces


Shield Volcanoes

Hidden Mountain

  1. -The peak of Mauna Loa is about 4,100 m above the pacific ocean, and its base is 4,500 m below the ocean!



Ring-shaped islands formed from deposits of coral skeletons called coral reefs!


As a river flows across a flat plain, its course begins to wind and curve into loops called Meanders.


Constructive forces are processes that help build up the Earth, either by depositing soil or silt in a river, or by volcanoes and lava flows that generates new land.  Your task for this activity is to learn about different constructive forces, and then to identify landmarks that were made through constructive forces.   Click here to understand what constructive forces are.

How good are you at surfing the Internet?  Find the answers to each of the questions by clicking on the blue part of each question!  Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. 

  1. 1.What is sediment?

  2. 2.In a delta, where are the lighter sediments deposited?  What about the heavier sediments? 

  3. 3.Explain how sand and running water can create constructive forces.

  4. 4.What are alluvial fans?

  5. 5.What can prevent a sand dune from moving? (Click on ‘Amazing Origins of Sand Dunes’)

  6. 6.Due to plate tectonics, which mountain range is newly formed? (click on the picture that says ‘Tectonics’.

  7. 7.What happens when tectonic plates separate? (Click here to see a cool animation)

  8. 8.What is a Hot spot?

  9. 9.What are three areas of the world that are Hot Spots?

  10. 10.What do shield volcanoes build, or create? (Look under ‘Types of Volcanoes’)

  11. 11. Click on ‘Build your own volcano’.  Under what conditions are shield volcanoes made?

  12. 12. Which type of fault pushes the Earth upward with a hanging wall? 

  13. 13. How are coral reefs formed?

  14. 14.What is a moraine?


Constructive Forces