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County Comparison of Tax Collections (similar to Jackson County)

According to census data there are 60,571 residents in Jackson County. To compare counties similar in size a plus/minus 15% multiplier was applied. In addition, Georgia Department of Revenue data was pulled to compare taxes collected in systems similar in size. Please see above. It should be noted that there are 21 taxing districts in Jackson County. The next highest district is Camden with 12.

 County Taxes Levied per Person (Custom)

Excerpt from the Schoolhouse Squeeze

Please see the chart below. It is from the article published by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI). The article references the increasingly challenging circumstances that we are facing as a community when it comes to educating Jackson County students.

Our county is the only one in the state with three school systems: Commerce City, Jefferson City and Jackson County. As is evidenced by the chart, Jackson County Schools has seen one of the largest decreases in revenue. In a county with three school systems, this is quite a challenge.

Districts with Largest local revenue decline 

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Tentative Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

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In accordance with state law, the Board of Education invites the public to provide input on the Tentative Fiscal Year 2017 Budget. The Board of Education will meet June 13th at 6:30 PM at North Jackson Elementary School located at 1880 Old Gainesville Highway, Talmo, GA 30575. 


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